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During eight weeks of basic training, the female recruits are trained on the proper wear and care of the new dress blue uniform. Soon thereafter, it was announced by the U. The boats were equipped with twin 50 caliber machine guns, 3. Usually sailors wore the command ball cap with this uniform, although a black watch cap was allowed in cold weather; the white "dixie cup" hat was worn for special ceremonies such as the dignified transfer of a decedent. They are intended for use in office environments, in positions that interact with the public, and in watch situations.

Beach Jumpers were U.S. Navy special warfare units organized during World War II by Lieutenant Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.. They specialized in deception and psychological warfare. The units were active from – and –
The United States Navy has three categories of dress uniforms, from least to most formal: service, full, and dinner dress. Service dress [ edit ] Service dress uniforms are worn for official functions not rising to the level of full or dinner dress.
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Previously, the uniform traditionally known as the dress blue "Crackerjack" has only been worn by males, but as part of the Navy's efforts towards uniformity in service members' uniforms, will now also be worn by females. Michael Garrick, commanding officer, RTC. The new jumpers improve the uniformity of the graduating divisions, and ultimately make them even more cohesive units.

Additional female recruits at the Navy's only boot camp have superseded these historical female recruits and are being issued their new uniforms. The uniform was designed and tailored exactly like the enlisted male dress blue jumpers, with 13 buttons on the trousers and the jumper top with a flap.

The new jumper top has incorporated a side zipper, and the trousers will have a front zipper to help with changing in and out of uniform. The old female uniform with jacket and tie for female petty officers and junior Sailors will be phased out.

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The announcement further stated that, "The Navy is requesting volunteers for prolonged, hazardous, distant duty for a secret project. Their identities and activities were very highly classified , since the slightest leak of information could ruin even brilliant deceptions. Their early basic mission was "To assist and support the operating forces in the conduct of Tactical Cover and Deception in Naval Warfare. Using specialized deception equipment, a few dozen Beach Jumpers could make the enemy believe they were a 70,man amphibious landing force, when in fact that force would be elsewhere, usually a great distance away.

The group was trained in small boat handling, seamanship , ordnance, gunnery , demolition , pyrotechnics , and meteorology. The unit was assigned ten foot double-hulled plywood air-sea rescue ASR boats, each manned by an officer and a six-man crew. The boats were equipped with twin 50 caliber machine guns, 3. They also carried the unit's specialized deception equipment: The latter could be towed behind the boats to enhance their radar cross-section.

When the units were reactivated for the Korean War the designation of the 63 foot boats was changed to AVR aviation rescue since that was the purpose of the boats at the time. Fueling of Beach Jumper Unit 1 boats, stationed at the Amphibious Base in Coronado, California, was done at the North Island Naval base at Coronado since that was the location of the high octane fuel needed to run the twin Hall Scott engines in each boat.

The Beach Jumpers got their name because of their ability to quickly hit the beach and confuse the enemy with harassment and deception operations. During a high level conference, someone stated that the purpose of the Beach Jumpers' work was "to scare the be-jesus out of the enemy. Their first operation was in Operation Husky. The first attempt was recalled due to hazardous seas. At 3, yards off shore, three of the ASRs prepared their heaters, one ASR proceeded a thousand yards ahead and began to lay smoke.

As the sound boats prepared to make their run parallel to the beach, a searchlight from Cape San Marco illuminated the area, accompanied by small arms and artillery fire. All boats retired on a course back to their home port at Pantelleria , Sicily.

To keep the Germans' attention, the unit was ordered to conduct another operation on the night of 12 July , using all available craft. This time the shore batteries were completely alerted. The Germans were convinced that a landing was about to take place.

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