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Product Description from around the world. This ornament features some of the greatest.

It hid the underside of the grill and was so pretty. This is great — might would be interesting to put tiny items into some of the clear ornaments…. Feel free to stop by and grab a button or link to show that you have been featured!

Note: In the photo above I show earring wire instead of ornament hooks. I changed that later as I found ornament hooks made it far easier to move ornaments around after they’d been hung. Also, my supplies are based on a 4 foot tall mobile using almost ornaments, you’ll need to adjust amounts.
Christmas Ornaments Discover new ideas for the tree this year. Whether you're a traditional decorator or an eclectic explorer, shop our unique collection of handcrafted Christmas ornaments, retro-inspired finds and fun holiday decorations to light up your Christmas tree.
Creative License ® offers Christmas ornament decorating sessions for on location at schools, churches, offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and more throughout the Hartford area. This is a great craft for holiday gatherings with friends, family, and coworkers.
Product Description from around the world. This ornament features some of the greatest.
Christmas Ornaments Discover new ideas for the tree this year. Whether you're a traditional decorator or an eclectic explorer, shop our unique collection of handcrafted Christmas ornaments, retro-inspired finds and fun holiday decorations to light up your Christmas tree.
Christmas tree ornament mobile

Celebrate the Season with Creative Decorations Which Come to You!

This year we decided to do something a little different with our tree and I created this Christmas tree mobile consisting of ornaments suspended on clear threads.

Sunday school teachers across the Milwaukee area are always looking for fun ways to teach their students about Christmas. Looking for a fun holiday activity the whole family will enjoy? Your family will love the opportunity to create their very own Christmas ornaments.

Creating new ornaments can be a fun family tradition for years and years. Once finished, let your kids hang their ornament on the Christmas tree!

They will love the opportunity to take part in decorating with you. Or give out the ornaments as gifts to close friends and relatives. Each personalized ornament is a way for your kids to show they care. We understand the holidays are a busy time. You get to take an ornament home where you can paint at your own pace.

Everything you need for a festive afternoon of fun is in the box! Each kit includes 3 colors adding up to about 3oz of paint total. A brush is included as well. These kits are great for families to take home and spend an evening decorating together. If a loved one is homebound and unable to attend a mobile ornament making party, bringing them a kit will help them stay involved. We also recommend kits for those who are hospitalized during the holidays, have infant or newborn children, or need a familiar and quiet location when painting.

When you drop off your ornament, our Creative Consultants can add writing for an extra personal touch. Stop by our Hartford location to pick one up or view our other holiday art projects. Adults throughout Wisconsin can let their creative side out for this fun activity.

All you have to do is show up ready to make great art! Within a week, we will drop off the finished ornaments. Customers can pre-order or pay the day of their Christmas painting event. For school events, we recommend having parents pre-order so no child forgets the day of.

Continue to celebrate the season by visiting our art studio in Hartford to create more holiday decorations! During the winter season we offer more Christmas, New Year, and other holiday projects. These classes are suitable for beginner and advanced artists.

Visit our studio during our walk-in hours or schedule a private party. I added 2 inches to the length of string I actually cut to allow for the loops. To figure out how many ornaments per ring I, well, completely made it up. I decided the first ring should hold seven ornaments and went up by four from there. So the number of ornaments went: I divided the four lengths of string between those, giving the longest length more ornaments to help the triangle effect.

So I cut this many at these lengths for these rings:. In order to make the measuring a cutting go as quickly as possible I taped a cloth measuring tape to a tabletop and marked each length with the number I needed to cut with sticky notes.

So all it took was to stretch some string out and clip at the needed point. Keep these in groups at this point forward, it will make it far easier later. I looped and crimped the ends, then hung them in groups on a curtain rod weighted down by an ornament. To figure out where my rings would fall on the rack I tied a cotton string to my center point and marked it at 1. Then I swung the string around and put as many hooks as I needed on each given ring.

I usually put them on the X and Y axis first, then filled in the quadrants. It went faster than it sounds, promise. I spaced the hooks, aka the hanging points, like so:. And after this I attached a hook into my ceiling and hung the rack. By weighing the strings down as you go along it will help them from getting tangled as you work. You can add or move string, and move ornaments around if needed. At least I hope so. If I were to do it again I would make my tree taller and more dramatic.

I think I would try to squeeze in one more ring and stagger the ornaments with even more lengths of string, maybe in increments by the inch. As it was I found that there are lots of spots where two of the same length are side by side. The envelopes were orphans from previous years of Christmas cards that I had saved reuse! I left the hanging hooks on the rack so when I return to put it up again next year it will be very quick and easy.

This really is incredible. You did an outstanding job! And it definitely makes my tiny fake tree pale in comparison. I was glad you picked the green tree. I wonder what this would look like with toy ornaments scattered throughout. What about pointing a flood light down from the rack onto the ornaments, esp the clear ones? This is great — might would be interesting to put tiny items into some of the clear ornaments….

Thank you so much for sharing this and taking the time to make a tutorial! I absolutely love the tree! I wish I could recreate it, but I know there is no way in the universe I would ever be able to find time to do this. Oh, wait—maybe I can buy the ornaments when they go on clearance after the holidays! If I start in January, I just might be able to complete one by next December! I just realized something.

Cat probably would wreak havoc with this. Wow — a lot of work went into making that. What a fantastic idea — and so well documented. Next year when I get around to doing a tree, I might just try this!

The chain comes off with hooks and the frame will store pretty flat. It breaks down into a nice small size. I think I can store everything but the ornaments in something the size of a pizza box. Lou — I thought about adding a few colorful ornaments to the green tree but I decided that I would need a bigger tree for that to work visually.

Maybe for Christmas Eve you can pop a few in the ornaments. I have a gazillion crystal ornaments…. I am SO going to do this next year! Thank you so much for the beauty and for the tutorial!! My mom is gifting me all the family ornaments this year…. Or hanging tiny lights within it. I love how all that advance planning and maths made it looks just perfect. I can picture the clear ornaments with a little fake snow and figurines inside.

There are so many ways to personalize this idea. She hung jewelry monofilament from a cooling rack, which she attached to the ceiling. Thanks so much for posting such great instructions! While I love the how-to, what I really want to know is how the heck do you even come up with these ideas in the first place? Do you sit down and force yourself to think of new things to do each season? Is there a certain magazine that makes your lightbulb turn on?

I was taking into consideration those bubble chandeliers that have been popular lately, the wire tree that Ikea had for sale this year, the glass bubble wreath made by CB2, a continuous obsession with clear glass ornaments that look like bubbles, and having a bunch of hanging ornament displays catching my eye. Then I go through a bunch of ways to make it.

I took note of how Anthropologie hangs their dramatic displays and noticed metal grids. Initially I was thinking of suspending small chain but that proved too expensive. I went looking at fishing line and hardware store ferrels before realizing jewelry hardware would be easier to work with. I had to learn to crimp beads I always end up needing to learn something new, which slows me down, in this case I ended up buying the wrong sized crimp tool not once but twice.

Then I make a bunch of mistakes while making it and usually end up creating two or three versions. For this tree these monofilament lines were my second try, the first had tiers that were spaced too far apart.

WOW this looks incredible! Well, notmartha, that was totally Martha-esque!! What a brilliant idea. The boxes of gold balls from a previous project will be put to good use again next year. Thanks for the wonderful step-by-steps. This is sooooo much nicer than hanging the tree upside down from the ceiling! Great idea, and thanks for sharing. O I love this so much! The only thing I would do differently is have a star shaped ornament at the top. I will still bookmark it just in case I am feeling ambitions next year.

I am curious to know how much all the supplies cost. Much better than my dead tree in my living room and hits my mod look perfectly.

These are absolutely beautiful and SO creative. Like the others, I may try one for myself for next year. I really appreciate all the pictures and details that you included. Those are so very helpful. Thanks for posting this! First of all Merry Christmas and congratulations you are amazing love this beautiful and creative Tree I am going to try it for sure next Xmas.

I absolutely love this idea! I wonder though… what are the plans for storing it for next year? All of the parts are connected using removable parts so I can store everything except for the ornaments flat. The threads, chains, hooks and rack will all fit into a flat pizza-like box.

I am absolutely spellbound! I must have one of these next year, thank you for including a tutorial! Once the tree is packed away, […]. Thank you for designing such a marvelous and unique tree. I can see some of my childhood favorites tucked in among the balls next year. Misty — We clustered a string of christmas lights beneath it and it created a nice glow and reflected in the bottom of the ornaments. That worked fairly well. It was a wonderful and unique idea.

Looked awesome, but too much worked involved. Dont get me wrong, gonna try to make one next year. I was blog hopping and I found a great blog — http: Look forward trying it next year. But, the results are […]. I did not put up a tree for the past 2 years because the only place it can go is in my craft corner and I refuse to give that up when I have 2 weeks holidays to craft!

Thank you so much! Without clear guides like that many of us might have tried to improvise with other tools found it to our folly. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good, the bad and the ugly in your tutorial. By the way I very much admire a woman who packs her Christmas with such dedication as well. Amazingly similar to these giant hanging trees I have been making for Ferrero Rocher over the last three years http: The Ferrero tree is completely astounding.

Do you have a website or more images of your work? Its nice that you are interested. I just found this YouTube video, http: My husband Nate flew over to England to install this one. We are Australian based. There are a few other stop start vids on YouTube that are fun to watch.

Just search ferrero trees and ferrero eggs. I am planning a holiday party and hope to make this! I was thinking about adding snow flake ones, do you think that would work or would the weight distrabution be off?

Alice — not at all, the rack is suspended evenly from four points that are in from the edge so the weight should distribute evenly! I have one more question. Where did you get the wire? The ones with the hinges? It might be slightly harder to move around, but not as tough as earring ones….

Shanon — I considered those when I was looking at hardware options but ultimately I felt they looked too bulky, or not as tidy as a wire option.

This, of course, meant I spent more time hanging ornaments but I think the lesser visual impact helped give the thing a feeling of weightlessness, especially when I used the glass bulbs. Also, since the clips are silver I wanted to avoid there being too much of a clash when I used gold-topped ornaments.

You can remove the cap from little springy thing that clips inside the ornament and just use that. It cuts down on the visual clutter. Also for this project I would attach the string directly to the springy thing and just remove that from the ornament to store or move around. All of that, I feel, would help with a cleaner look and have more of a visual impact. I just love this. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Can you show how you hung this from the ceiling? I used to hang ornaments from my ceiling with clear 3M hooks but they ended up ripping the drywall off.

Melinda — We just screwed a ceiling hook directly into the drywall. It had stayed sturdy and held up to us doing three sets of Xmas ornaments last year. Im so happy I found this I seen it on a comercial and searched and searched,and Im so lucky I came across this. Megan — Have you made a bigger one yet? Would I just add to the lengths of the string you outlined above if I wanted to make it taller?

Wow — so impressed. I was think I would like a mini of this with mini ornaments to somehow give as gifts… I am amazed! Thinking of making one of these but I want to incorporate some sort of lighting. Kelly — I am certainly thinking about that. The best I could do that keeps up the floating effect would be to have battery powered LED lights inside individual ornaments or at the bottom of each line.

Or maybe use a very delicate light string, like this one from Restoration Hardware: This is so awesome! I love your crafts! I came here because of your dahlia pin and found this!!!! Did anybody with kids do one of these? I tried to make this, but it was a complete failure: I guess I am not talented enough. The lines kept tangling and tangling and tangling, and finally I gave up in frustration.

I just love your Christmas tree. I saw a Christmas decoration at Bronners that is along these lines, if I send you a picture of it is there any way you could give me some ideas on how to make it? Thanks for your help. Yesterday I made my own ornament mobile — it turned out wonderful! The hardest part was finding a steamer rack. Thank you for sharing your instructions!

Jane — Oh no! Luckily, I found it early enough to adjust the sections a bit. It looks super cool, so glad I was able to do it! I included it on my top 10 list of handmade Christmas decor at http: Feel free to stop by and grab a button or link to show that you have been featured! My mother in law and I did one too. Here is a picture of the finished and the process. Just put them through the top with the crimper beads.

We also did all the ornaments on the line and then just shoved them through. It made it really easy to change the lengths when we had one that was wrong. We just eyed them all and changed them if we needed to.

Its not picture perfect but ended up taking just a couple of hours. But for sure will need two people. That made it go WAY fast! Have you considered trying to market this as a package for us people with no patience for things like math so that we can hang and go so to speak??

Yes Terri has a very good suggestion, you should scoop up this oppertunity. I just saw this on Pinterest!! I love the idea of making something similar for other holidays. I was so inspired, that I tried my hand at this and this is how it turned out https: Making my ornament count I also used a piece of plexiglass as the topper and lit it from above with LED lights.

Thank you for the concept. I saw something similar on a Home Depot commercial yesterday hanging from a dining room light and was searching on that when I came across your blog. Then I ran out and frantically grabbed supplies. Cleaner and more flexible for placement. Love, love, love this!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to share this: I just saw the new Home Depot commercial where they made a similar tree hanging from a chandelier. I had such a hard time trying to find a steamer rack — there are no restaurant supply stores around here. So far, so good! Thanks so much for the instructions!

Thank you so much for these instructions! This was a wonderful idea and your instructions proved invaluable. So we ended up making one using two pieces of metal strips yardstick like from the hardware store and bending and bolting them together and then bending a heavy duty mesh across the top so I could have my grid.

We ended up hanging ornaments in 10 concentric circles and hanging a light over the top. Thanks for the idea! We just made one for our home. It took longer than we expected about 40 hours in total but it looks very nice. I have a question about storing them though… Those strings are super easy to get tangled.

How did you store the same length in an envelop without getting them tangled? Thanks so much for your tutorial! Your tree is amazing! When I saw it.. This is the link http: I saw this post last January, which was of course too late for a tree, but vowed that I would put one together this year.

I love it so much! Am absolutely thrilled to find this. Wanted to do this but had no idea how to design. And it looks gorgeous in yr photos. Am thinking of recruiting neighbor kid s to keep me company. I have included it in a big list of tutorials for wrapping and decorating. You can see it here…. My husband found this page after Christmas last year, and I vowed to make this tree the following Christmas. I followed your extremely clear instructions with a few minor changes smaller balls as we had a smaller space and now we have a fabulous tree!

I am looking to try and tackle this task tonight, I am going to try and see if I can find the balls for cheap enough considering the amount required but am looking forward to the end result, I am thinking of adding lights somehow, we will see. I saw this on a commercial and though it would be fun to make. Thank you so much for taking the time to put your wonderful idea and pictures on the internet: I enjoy my tree daily! Want to know how hard I looked for instructions just like these online?

Thanks so much for the details, the pictures, and for just posting a how-to about it! Maybe your idea was stolen by the Italian, Maurizio Cattelan. You could camouflage the rack and other hardware with some sheer ribbon looped in and out around the edges of the rack and then up to the hanging point.

Took me some time, but it turned out really really nice. So thanks a lot for describing everything so clearly! If you want to have a look, here are some pictures: My Hubby made this for me and it is beautiful!!!! I think it would be worth it though: I have a bunch of unusual ornaments from Pier One.

I am going to make 2 mobiles out of them with your directions to leave up year round! This is the most wonderful Christmas decoration I have ever seen! Love, love, love it! I love beautiful things and this is definately one! I saw this idea in a Christmas ad on tv this past year and decided to try it. I wanted it to hang over my dining room table as a sort of centerpiece and tried to hang the ornaments from the ceiling fan and lights … it worked but was very timeconsuming and difficult.

This way looks much easier … thanks for sharing. Do you mind if I post that picture with a link to your tutorial and website? It is such an awesome project! Thanks so much for asking! I just saw a related idea. What they did on the underside of the grill was closely attach tiny silver balls. It hid the underside of the grill and was so pretty. Another idea for the tiny balls is to use tiny mirrored balls to reflect the light.

Would be a labor of love and cursings, but this tree mobile by Not Martha would be an awesome application […]. I made one last christmas using plexiglass as a base. Hung it in my kitchen skylite.

I drilled holes, strung lines thru, and held with clear plastic beads slightly larger than hole. For storing, I gathered small bundles of line thru top, keeping ornaments attached, but close to base so less tangling.

Megan was amazingly generous on her blog Not Martha, sharing the details on how she did it. I put my husband in charge and I was his […]. Yes, it got my curiosity peaked too! This is really the Christmas tree I want this year..

I hope I can pull all the supplies needed..

Christmas tree ornament mobile, how-to

Not satisfied with a standard Christmas tree ornament? Make a Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile using store-bought items and hang it from the ceiling. Maintain an elegant and understated decor while still setting a festive mood in your home. This year we decided to do something a little different with our tree and I created this Christmas tree mobile consisting of ornaments suspended on clear threads. Note: In the photo above I show earring wire instead of ornament hooks. I changed that later as I found ornament hooks made it far easier to move ornaments around after they’d been hung. Also, my supplies are based on a 4 foot tall mobile using almost ornaments, you’ll need to adjust amounts.

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