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During December, the Community Service Club is helping the Toys for Tots, first with a toy drive on campus. Closer to Christmas, they'll head to the Toys for Tots warehouse to help

Organize a Food Drive Many community-based organizations can't meet the demand of a growing population of hungry Americans. Collect aluminum cans and donate the money to a favorite charity.

Service Ideas to Help the Elderly Living in Facilities: Great for Older Kids. Sign-up to be a reader for a resident in a nursing home. Become a pen pal with a senior. Help a senior use the computer. Volunteer to record a senior’s favorite memories or family history. Help preserve cherished photos. Create Taggie blankets for seniors.
Community Science provides an integrated approach to building the capacity of organizations and institutions, helping to develop healthy, just and equitable communities. Our greatest strength is the study of community and system change.
Community Projects Examples The following are examples of community project students/residents have completed to satisfy this required component of a SEARCH rotation.
Healthy Watershed Projects in Your Area Learn about what groups in your area are doing to protect watersheds, and find out how you can help. GLOBE: Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment This site is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment.
You’ll get to see your community, forge new relationships, and maybe even share a meal with a new friend! 6. Volunteer at a crisis line that relies on teen volunteers as peer counselors.
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From waking up early, to putting in a first load of laundry, to working all day and driving the mom taxi all afternoon, most women have little time to think about volunteering for community projects. But busy schedules do not mean we have to write off community involvement completely.

With the right community service ideas and opportunities from kindergarten through high school, young people can grow from an understanding of how they fit into society to how they can help solve societal problems.

Reclaiming the Power of Citizenship for a New Generation. How do young people learn to make community service a way of life rather than something expected or required of them?

The three most important ways children and teens learn to express their caring for others and evolve toward active citizenship is through:. These three ways of caring develop over time—from elementary through high school. This article explains each developmental phase and provides links to community service ideas, resources, and programs that can help you find the right fit for your child, class project, or service club.

In these early years, we lay the foundation for responsible citizenship. Children learn kindness, respect, and empathy—internal strengths that connect them to others. Many programs like scouts, church groups, and service clubs are places children learn and experience these positive values. But these ideas also need to be reinforced at home.

In order for communities to grow and thrive, people must step up and take leadership roles. Many children as young as ten have the capacity to inspire and mobilize others. When she returned home, this ten-year-old enlisted the aid of her community and sent over 1, pairs of shoes to her new friends south of the border. When children learn to improve their communities, they develop the capacity to organize others.

They learn about community agencies and how local governments work. These kinds of citizens coordinate food drives, develop recycling programs, or take part in community-action committees. In the middle years, children can learn the organizational and leadership skills that enable them to take more active roles in their communities as young adults. Service-learning, particularly in the high school years, offers young people unique opportunities to link what they learn in the classroom to real world situations in their communities.

Often, these experiences push them out of their comfort zones to see the world in new ways. But service-learning need not be confined to classrooms. In fact, opportunities abound for families to learn and serve together. Many volunteer activities take place on campus. A sport, arts and entertainment management major from Duquesne, Jones collaborated with Jonathon Morgan, a CF on the Gamers LLC, to entice students to watch some football, eat some food -- and make holiday cards for the elderly and children, in coordination with Pittsburgh Cares.

And almost everybody who came made a card. At first it was more about the food and hanging out. Once people started seeing all the supplies, they really got into it. The majority of these cards took a lot of time and effort -- it was really nice. Students highly involved in community service may be invited on Point Park's yearly Alternative Spring Break trip, which combines travel and community service.

McGuire says students can find out about volunteer opportunities in many different ways: Check the student activities boards throughout campus and look for flyers. Also watch their Point Park email, as well as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Students give back to community through service projects.

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Community service is often organized through a local group, such as a place of worship, school, or non-profit organization, or you can start your own community service projects. Community service can even involve raising funds by donating used goods or selling used good like clothing. Help make your community livable for people of all ages Livable communities are great places for all people of all ages. They provide safe, walkable streets; age-friendly housing and transportation options; access to needed services; and opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in community life. Conduct a community service project during the Big Help Day in October. Plan a Memorial Day program. Recognize veterans in your community. Participate in National Youth Service Day in April. On Thanksgiving, make sure your family knows what you are thankful for. Trim a mitten Christmas tree to donate mittens to local schools and homeless shelters.

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